What are you afraid of?

Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 4 July 2021

What are you afraid of?

Last week, in Psalm 1, we joined with God’s people in seeing where the good life lay, what the good life is! This week, in Psalm 2, we have the second part of the introduction to the book of Psalms – ‘Where is our God?’ The twin pillars of God’s people were God’s word and God’s rule (God’s king). With God’s word (his ‘torah’) the soil of the good life, Psalm 2 reminds God’s people that their God remains in control: his king is enthroned, and they have nothing to fear. And just as Jesus IS Psalm 1, so too he IS Psalm 2: Jesus is the king that God promised – for his people and this world. Their hope is answered in him. Our fear is dealt with by his rule. We can join in singing Psalm 2.

Scripture References: Psalms 2:1-12, Matthew 17:1-8, 2 Samuel 7:10-17

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