Tim Baxter

The ministry is organised and led by Tim Baxter. Tim & Natasha and their four daughters moved here in 2008 to take up the role of leading the ministry. They have served in three different parishes since entering the ministry in 1998.

The family is very involved in the community through different sports, the High School, and other volunteer organisations like the Rural Fire Service. Natasha is self-employed as a dressmaker.

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Paul Foster

Paul & Michelle and their three daughters moved here in 2011 after having served at Baradine. Paul is a keen cricketer and a Roosters supporter.  His role is to support the parish in its evangelism work.  He is actively involved in the food ministry and has a heart to reach out, wherever possible, with the Gospel.  Michelle shares Paul’s passion for sharing the Gospel combined with child raising commitments.

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Ralph Wood

Ralph and Margaret are long term residents of Narrabri, both having taught in local schools for many years. After many years of being involved in ministry in this Church, Ralph took the step of being ordained as a minister which has given him further opportunities to serve God. He has a particular passion for teaching the Bible through small groups and preaching in Church.

Ralph can be contacted .