Local School Scripture in Narrabri


We really value the opportunity to enhance the quality education that our local school children are receiving in the Public schools by providing an SRE program. Attendance at these classes is voluntary by the parent’s permission.

We are aiming to provide good quality lessons from a well developed Curriculum that has been authorised with the NSW Government. The SRE teachers are receiving ongoing training in classroom management and child protection (Safe Ministry), as well as a thorough understanding of the lessons to be taught. This will allow them to teach the curriculum with sensitivity and in an age appropriate manner. The curriculum can be found here.

Our Church supports the Ministry worker employed at Narrabri High School. This ministry makes a valuable contribution to the school and gives the young people of Narrabri an opportunity to interact with someone who can help them to see clearly the relevance of Jesus Christ and a life of faith in him. The SRE material taught in the High School is authorised by the Executive staff of the School.