Who We Are

We endeavour to be …

God honouring

Christ centred

Spirit transformed

Bible focused

God’s family at Narrabri Anglican Church is made up of a wide variety of people, young and old, with a common uniting belief.

God has a great plan: to give people the free gift of eternal life with him, saved from the punishment for ignoring and disobeying God.

This plan is all about Jesus, who is God the Son. He showed us exactly who God is. His death was the punishment that we deserve. But he rose from the dead to prove that we are forgiven by God, and that Jesus has power to give new life after death.

Faith in Jesus is a gift from God available to all who will receive it, from any nationality, any background.

God’s plan has been handed down to us in God’s Word, the Bible, and God’s Spirit helps us understand this and to transform our lives, to give us purpose and real contentment in life as we live for God.

We think this is such good news that it is worth celebrating each week at Church, and worth spreading to everyone around us.

So at Narrabri Anglican Church we strive to live as disciples of Jesus, loving God with all our heart, mind and strength, and loving others as God has loved us.

Our church family is made up of people who meet in a number of groups at different times in different places; groups for kids, youth, families, men and women. We encourage all members in the Church to be involved in the mission of the Church: gathering together with Jesus, growing together in Jesus and going together for Jesus with the good news of salvation.

Our Parish comes under the oversight of the Anglican Diocese of Armidale which includes Anglican Churches from a the northern inland region of rural NSW.

The diocese as a whole exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven. Its churches are committed to:

  • building Christian communities in every town;
  • reaching people who face a Christless eternity;
  • growing devoted disciples of Jesus Christ;
  • recruiting godly leadership across all ministries; and
  • sending God’s people out into the world as salt and light.

We are convinced that we can only know God as he has revealed himself to us through his Word – the living word, his Son Jesus Christ, and the written word, the Bible. Discovering God’s plan for his world, in Jesus, through the Bible, is the key to everything we do.