We can’t buy Grace

Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 31 October 2021

We can't buy Grace

The world of the Middle Ages (we are talking the 1400s-1500s) was a world gripped by fear and uncertainty. In the midst of this fear, the growing corruption and authoritarianism of the Church was questioned and people were looking for some security, some assurance. Does that sound familiar? Martin Luther, a monk in Germany, was gripped by the same fears as the wider world. Driven back to his Bible, through reading Psalm 31 and Romans 1:16-17 (amongst many other parts of the Bible), Luther was brought to know God as he is – revealed in Jesus. God was not capricious, violent or of unmitigated judgement. God was just and gracious and merciful. His righteousness was not his wrath to be appeased by deeds, but his salvation to be received by faith alone, through Christ alone, because of God’s grace alone, revealed in the Scriptures alone. Does that sound familiar?

Scripture References: Romans 1:16-17, Psalms 31:1-24, Romans 3:21-26

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