The Value of Relationship with God

Phil Firth - Sunday, 16 July 2023

The Value of Relationship with God

Relationships. They can bring us the most joy in this world. They can also bring us the most grief. Being involved in such a breakdown creates immense pain. It is often described as “breaking your heart”. God’s relationship with His people is a particular kind of relationship. At the time Malachi writes, it is a covenantal relationship. The thing we are familiar with that looks most like this relationship is marriage. We have already had a bit of a look at that in this series on Malachi. Today we are going to continue to look at how God and His people are going in their relationship. The covenant that governs this relationship sits within a history of God working for His people. He is working to make them a people for Him. A people who display who He is and His glory.

Scripture References: Malachi 3:13-18, Malachi 4:1-3, Psalms 26:1-12, Matthew 12:30-37

From Series: "Malachi"


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