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Patricia Weerakoon - Sunday, 14 May 2023

Sex, Gender and Identity

Patricia speaks about the order of Sex, Gender and Identity. As a Sexologist and evangelical Christian, Patricia has translated her passion to bring good holistic sexual health to all people into practical sex education, sex research and sex therapy.

From Series: "God and Sex"

The series that we start today (‘God and sex’) aims to look at what the Bible says about these areas – and those connected to them. We will look at ‘man and woman’, ‘marriage’, ‘singleness’, and ‘children’. At the heart of any approach to such a topic are three basic truths: God made the world, with humans in his image; human sin has broken the world; God loves his creation, and sends Jesus to redeem and restore his creation and people. In this area – like every area of God’s concern – we are dealing not with abstract points, but people made in the image of God!


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