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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 20 August 2023

Proclamation and Practice

We are the rejoicing mob of God, with a living hope and a certain future and a life that reflects the nature of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. We are to declare the praise of the one who called us out of darkness into his light. What does that look like? This is answered in four simple truths: 1. our identity is crucial (see 2:11); 2. our conduct is different (see 2:11); 3. the difference is a cause for tension (see 2:11); 4. and Jesus is our template (see 2:21-25)

Scripture References: 1 Peter 2:11-25, Psalms 30:1-12, Isaiah 53:1-12, Isaiah 52:13-15

From Series: "1 Peter"

Peter is the apostle I most identify with. He is the right-hand man of Jesus who often gets it—and commonly stumbles. He takes, in my reckoning, close to 15 years to truly understand the grace of Jesus. And, when he does, he writes a letter like 1 Peter—follow Jesus, where you are—He is the cause and template of your life as God’s mob. The context is that of God’s mob scattered, right throughout Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). They are regarded as strange and different, misfits in a Roman Empire that ‘killed’ their Lord! And Peter exhorts them: ‘this is the true grace of God. Take your stand in it!’ (1 Peter 5:12)


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