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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 5 February 2023

I have a dream

The future seems so amorphous, and so contested. Some people offer this vision, others offer that vision, and then more say that it cannot be known, so just live now. God gives His people a vision for the future that is rooted in His promises in the past, that deals with the very real events we experience daily, and which affirms the certainty of what we can look forward to. Revelation is the statement to God’s people that Jesus – regardless of their circumstances – is the King of all, loves His mob, has dealt with their sin, and has their future assured. In a world filled with rival empires to God, in a world where Christians are actively persecuted and marginalised, in a world where God himself is actively challenged, God’s people need this reassurance about the certain rule of Jesus. This reassurance enables them to persevere. This perseverance is towards a future that God Himself has promised – and has achieved so certainly that it is immovable. And it is a future that is good beyond our comprehension!

Scripture References: Revelation 21:1-8, Psalms 6:1-10, Genesis 3:17-24

From Series: "The Good Life"

We begin a series on ‘the good life’ – the goodness as life being one of God’s people. We want to be reminded of the goodness of being a disciple of Jesus. Our world often regards Christians as ‘the bad guys’ – we are regarded as judgmental, as argumentative, as intolerant. As we face this world, we need to know the truth and reality of our sin and our need of grace and the great salvation in Jesus. But we also need to be reminded of all that is good about living as a disciple of Jesus.


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