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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 18 February 2024


God made a very good world. God made us, male and female, to bear his image and tend his garden, by hearing and obeying him. What went wrong? It is the crucial question, as we consider the Gospel, the base for who we are as God’s mob. And it introduces a word we know, a concept we are familiar with, and a truth that is so often misunderstood and misapplied – ‘sin’. To many, ‘sin’ is about ‘breaking rules’. And it is at least this, but sin is more than this. Sin, as we have heard time and time again, is the attitude and action that says, ‘I am God, and God is not’. It is pervasive. It is universal. It is horrible. All sin is the same because of this truth – it is connected with who we are, and who we desire to be, against God. And it is the reason this very good world is so broken.

Scripture References: Romans 1:18-25, Psalms 56:1-13, Genesis 3:1-7

From Series: "Two Ways to Live"


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