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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 23 July 2023

Simple Last Words

In three simple verses, Malachi rounds out his prophecy in simple summary. God’s word is clear! God’s mob are to remember who they are: they are a covenantal people, with an identity found in the God who graciously loves them relentlessly. God’s mob are to be reminded: a day is coming when the sin in, and of, God’s mob will be judged. God will prepare them for that day, sending a prophet to them, a prophet like Elijah. As they listen to this word from God, God’s mob will be restored in repentance: they will be brought back to the covenant, or they will be completely devoted to destruction. This really did take place – why else would Jesus be affirmed in His identity by the presence of Moses and Elijah? (Matt.17) Therefore, this really applies to us: as God’s mob, we must remember our identity, we must be reminded of the great day of sin judged (at Golgotha and in the future), and we must be a repentant restored people, obeying our God.

Scripture References: Malachi 4:4-6, Psalms 27:1-14, Matthew 17:1-13

From Series: "Malachi"


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