Whispers, rumours, edifices… don’t be deceived!

Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 10 April 2022

Whispers, rumours, edifices... don't be deceived!

Jesus has just been under immense personal attack—in his own house! He has systematically, and Scripturally, rebuffed the malicious questions of his opponents. Now, as a king should when attacked, he has gone on the offensive—Matthew 23-25 is his last great sermon before his death. Matthew 24 is preached just to his disciples. Impressed by the edifice of the Temple, Jesus declares to them the truth: this Temple will be destroyed! They are curious about these days, and so ask him of the signs of those times. The sermon that emerges is striking for these two facts. First, it deals with the ’now’ (the destruction of the Temple in AD70) as a lens through which to understand ’then’ (the end of the world). Second, it proclaims how God’s people are to live in the end-times, not when the end-times will be. In many ways, then, this is a simple sermon: be alert, proclaim, persevere, be ready… every day!

Scripture References: Matthew 24:1-51, Daniel 7:9-14, Mark 13:1-13

From Series: "Matthew"


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