The King and His mob

Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 27 March 2022

The King and His mob

As Jesus returns to the Temple complex on his second day in his capital, the religious leaders challenge his authority. They question his right, and the origin of his ‘kingship’. His response silences them. He responds as any king would, and should, when his legitimate rule is questioned. In the two parables that follow, he exposes the rejection of God’s king by God’s people. And he exposes the breadth and depth and length of the kingdom of God – it is for all. Membership in the kingdom is by being connected to the king – and obedience to him. This aspect of obedience is often missed here but it is crucial: the king’s authority is legitimate. The consequence is clear: obey him, or be outside the kingdom.

Scripture References: Matthew 21:23-46, Isaiah 5:1-7, Psalms 118:1-29

From Series: "Matthew"


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