Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 13 March 2022


Last week, we saw the threats to a discerning decision about Jesus. This week, as Jesus continues walking with his disciples, he challenges them in their discernment about him. Initially, they nail it – Peter recognises Jesus as the God-annointed Saviour of the world, and this is understood as a recognition purely driven by God. But, as Jesus unpacks what this looks like, the discernment of the disciples is challenged – by their acceptance of the world’s understanding of ‘Saviour’, by the cost of following the Saviour, by the timeframe of the Saviour. Those challenges have not disappeared – and we must be aware of them! Jesus is as Jesus is revealed in God’s word – and he is our Saviour!

Scripture References: Matthew 16:13-28, Isaiah 9:1-7, Psalms 2:1-12

From Series: "Matthew"


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