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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 28 January 2024

God Is Just

We yearn for justice, a day when all wrongs will be judged, all right will be implemented, and where evil will be banished. And often, in this world that seems so broken and damaged, we cry out to God, and ask him to judge justly. God is just. His people have always sung this truth and held onto it—just remember the words of Moses in Deuteronomy 32. And God has fixed a day when he will judge all sin—just look at Acts 17. On that day, he will judge ‘in righteousness’. The standard of God’s justice is his nature—his straight and upright nature. The problem for us is that, as we cry for ‘justice’, we fail to measure up. And the good news for us is that, in Jesus, God does judge our sin—and the judgement falls on him (Romans 3:21-26). Is God just? Yes he is!

Scripture References: Romans 3:21-26, Psalms 53:1-6, Deuteronomy 32:1-8

From Series: "God is ..."

How well do we know our God? Do we know his character, his nature, his attributes? Do we know who he truly is? And, do we respond with the awe, obedience, and love that this God deserves? Do we glorify him, because we know him? Do we represent him, because we know him? The aim of this series is to spend some time—albeit brief and shallow—getting to know God as he is—as he is revealed in his word. We are looking at five attributes of God—God is… holy, Trinity, loving, just, jealous. And as we do, my hope is that we will know him more deeply, love him more fully, obey him more wholeheartedly, and represent him for faithfully.


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