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Phil Firth - Sunday, 11 December 2022

O Come All You Faithful

‘O come all you faithful’ is a striking carol for two reasons. The first is simple: the carol is all about a repeated invitation to come and ‘behold him’. The second reason is connected: we are invited not to be observers, but to be adorers. Now, ‘adore’ is a word that is so hackneyed because it is used so unsparingly. We adore puppies, someone’s shoes/ear-rings/necklace, even chocolate. But ‘adore’ is a relational term – it is a verb of the deepest love and respect for someone. So, as you listen to the invitation of this carol to adore Jesus, perhaps a way to think about this is to ask yourself a question: ‘What, or who, do I adore?’

Scripture References: Luke 2:8-20, Psalms 84:1-12, John 1:43-51

From Series: "Christmas"


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