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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 7 August 2022

What good can come out of this?

What a dysfunctional family! What a mess that human sin has left! What good can come out of such a mess? Now, as we read this section, please remember Genesis 28:15 - God is with Jacob until His promises are fulfilled. And one of those promises is that Jacob will have offspring as numerous as ‘the dust of the earth’ (28:14). One of those promises is that through Jacob’s kids, God will bless the world. SO, as we watch the LORD see, and intervene for, the unloved (both Leah and Rachel), we see the good that comes out of the disciplining disappointment of the Father with His people: a brood of twelve boys, and one girl, who will grow to be the twelve tribes of God’s mob!

Scripture References: Genesis 29:31-35, Genesis 30:1-24, Luke 1:46-55, Psalms 113:1-9

From Series: "Genesis"


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