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Bernard Gabbott - Friday, 7 April 2023

The Goodness of Today

What are your expectations for Good Friday? What do you expect of the word ‘good’? On a day when the hope of so many is executed, on a day when we remember the death of a man regarded as ‘good’ above all, in a moment when we read of the abuse that Jesus suffered, it seems strange to think of the ‘good’ on such a day. But Luke’s account of the death of Jesus is very helpful in confronting us with two questions to help us understand the ‘good’ of Good Friday. First, is this stuff really true? Luke wrote to reassure his mate, Theo, that this stuff was true and reliable and worth trusting. In this Luke, carefully investigated these events – and there is no argument that Jesus was crucified like this. Second, Luke wants us to carefully consider where we stand in this event, and what we expect of it. Are we with the scoffers, led by the leaders who killed this man – and expected Him to stay dead? Or, are we with the criminal who defends Jesus, who expected his own death that day, did not expect Jesus to die like this, and who hoped that Jesus would hear his plea?

Scripture References: Luke 23:32- 56, Psalms 31:1-5, Isaiah 53:4-12

From Series: "Easter"


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