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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 12 March 2023

Who is Jesus?

Jesus has come to bring the outsiders in. Jesus has finally been recognised as ‘the Christ, the Son of the Living God’ (16:16). Jesus reveals what this means – rejection, suffering, death, resurrection (16:21-22). The disciples do not quite grasp this. Jesus takes three – the necessary witnesses – up a mountain. There, He is revealed in His glory – they get a glimpse of who He truly is! And so much of their history is present – Moses, the cloud, six days, God speaking, God’s people constituted. There is Moses himself, and Elijah! The glory of Jesus goes hand-in-hand with the death of Jesus. This is what God had willed and planned. This is what John prepared for. So, what do you do with such a Saviour of the world? You listen to him!

Scripture References: Matthew 17:1-13, Psalms 11:1-7, Malachi 4:4-6

From Series: "Matthew"


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