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Bernard Gabbott - Sunday, 21 May 2023


Where do children fit in God’s creation, and especially within His mob? Children bear the image of God. They are the fruit of the command of God to be ‘fruitful’. They are given the context of the family as the place for their birth, growth and maturing. Children, as humans, are sinful from conception. They desire to be God instead of God. Children are members of God’s people. They are spoken to in the commandments at Mt Sinai. They are spoken to as members of the church. They are welcomed by Jesus. They are saved by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Children are a trust from God, to their parents, and the community of God. They are to be taught the good news of God’s love in Jesus, and the faithfulness of God to His people. This is primarily and principally in their families, and reinforced within the community of God’s people. Children are a blessing from God.

Scripture References: Psalms 127:1-5, Psalms 19:1-14, Deuteronomy 6:1-9

From Series: "God and Sex"

The series that we start today (‘God and sex’) aims to look at what the Bible says about these areas – and those connected to them. We will look at ‘man and woman’, ‘marriage’, ‘singleness’, and ‘children’. At the heart of any approach to such a topic are three basic truths: God made the world, with humans in his image; human sin has broken the world; God loves his creation, and sends Jesus to redeem and restore his creation and people. In this area – like every area of God’s concern – we are dealing not with abstract points, but people made in the image of God!


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